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    Kymoto Ultra Rancher 125cc Quad Semi Automatic Over Size Tires MID SIZE

    19" Tires

    Ready to Ride package. Free MX Helmet $139 with assembly!
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    Sale price: $764.00
    You Save: $1,156.00
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    Add a Major Brand DOT YOUTH or Adult MX HELMET-reg price $139 now just $59.75: 
    Add a Lancer-MX Elbow, Shin & Knee Guard Protector Set -Reg Price $69 Only $36.00: 
    Add a Major Brand Youth/Adult Chest Guard Protector Reg Price $139 Now Just $59 SELECT SIZE: 
    ADD a New ATV Combo STARTER & MAINTENANCE KIT - Castrol Powersports Premium 4-Stroke Oil -NGK Spark Plug -Thread Lock & a Tire Repair Kit: 
    ADD a Yuasa Smart Shot Battery Tender - STOP Buying Expensive Batteries! - Keeps your Battery Fully Charged: 
    ADD a Fuel Stabilizer Kit - Extends Engine & Fuel Life, Increases Power, Keeps Valves Clean - Simply add to Gas: 
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    The Rancher with a SEMI automatic transmission, rugged, reliable engine, Electric start, integrated floorboards large comfortable seat, Independent A-arm front suspension and responsive steering.

    Wireless Engine Shut Off: The Jet Moto comes with a unique Wireless Engine Shut Off key fob, giving the supervising adult an extra level of control. A simple push of the shut-off button will turn the engine off and the Jet Moto coasts to a stop. The supervising adult can also push the remote to restart the engine for them.

    Throttle Limiter: If your young rider is just learning about throttle control, the Jet Moto's throttle limiter will let you control top speed to fit his or her ability. When they demonstrate appropriate skill level, you can increase the speed at your discretion.

    Rear Disc Brake: The Jet Moto uses a hydraulic disc brake system on the rear axle to provide consistent stopping power. The hydraulic brake has a lightweight pull effort and an appropriately sized lever that your young rider can operate easily and confidently.

    Front Drum Brakes: The Jet Moto's front drum brakes deliver smooth stopping power. The brake drums fit compactly within the front wheels, enhancing the handling as well as a stop on a dime performance.

    Wheels & Tires: The Jet Moto offers rugged offroad tires & wheels that deliver excellent traction and performance across a wide variety of terrain, while also enhancing ride quality.

    Electric Start Engine: The air-cooled, SOHC four-stroke engine is built tough to deliver fun for years. The smooth-running power plant features convenient electric start and has a unique Wireless Engine Shut Off key fob for parents�?? peace of mind.

    Running Lights: Style and safety go hand in hand with the Jet Moto. front-running headlights lights help keep the Jet Moto visible when your young rider is exploring the terrain. The rear brake lights are also super high visibility.

    Rear Cargo Rack: The Jet Moto has a rugged rear cargo rack, perfect for hauling any extra stuff. Your young rider can pack along adventure essentials for a day of fun exploring the trails.

    The ultra rancher is designed with the young rider in mind that is ready to step up to using a gear box without a clutch. The experienced gained will prepare the intermediate rider for the day when they are riding the big manual transmission ATV. Equipped with a hand and foot pedal brake, assure this ATV's safety and dependability. This Medium size ATV is lightweight and the low maintenance makes it perfect for casual yard, field, and trail riding.

    The Mountopz ATV is perfect for young riders with a semi-automatic transmission, rugged, reliable engine, Electric start, integrated floorboards large comfortable seat and more.

    Independent A-arm front suspension with inches of travel delivers a smooth, plush ride and responsive steering. A Rugged swing-arm packing a single rear shock smooths out the bumps for a comfortable ride.

    The Semi-Automatic Model (no hand clutch) with a CVT three forward speeds, neutral and reverse. Easy to Ride, just get on, push the throttle with your thumb and go. With the semi-automatic transmission, it is easy for all your family and friends to learn to ride using geras to slow the vehicle, keep the RPMs up when going up or downhill and prepare the young riders for graduating to a standard transmission.

    Speed Limiter Adjustable from 7-35+ Mph - Throttle Screw which allows for Adjustment and Control of speed. The control is an easy to set screw adjustment in the right handlebar throttle control which limits how far the rider can push in the throttle.

    1. FAST Shipping on all vehicles.

    2. Free Manufacturer Warranty!

    3. Free Lifetime Tech Support from our Certified Mechanics.

    4. Free Tool Kit.

    5. Free Owner's Manual.

    6. Free MSO for vehicle registration.

    Multi-Unit Discounts = Buy 2 Save $75 / Buy 3 Save $150 / Buy 4 Save $225!!

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    The is economy-minded but built tough - and it comes loaded with its bigger brothers' list of hot sport/utility features in a slightly smaller package. Power is provided by a reliable 125cc air-cooled engine, complete with electric start. This model 125cc includes multi-purpose racks, CVT transmission, and speed Limiter - features you'd expect to find on more expensive machines.

    The Mountopz 4 Wheelers is the perfect choice for youth riders or less experienced riders in general. This ATV offers great mid-range-performance with lots of flair in its styling. Power comes from the 4-stroke 125cc Honda Clone engine. With Jet Motos reliable, high torque, 4-stroke air-cooled engine this ATV will have no problem climbing hills and running down trails with the big boys. Sport/Utility ATV styling, a wide stance, and larger tires provide greater stability; front drum with rear hydraulic disc brakes provide extra safety.

    THIS MODEL IS CALIF LEGAL! 125cc air cooled 4-stroke engine

    Meets or exceeds EPA clean air requirements

    Approved for California Green Sticker

    For riders age 10+

    Take control! Optional remote stop switch


    Fully automatic transmission,

    Automatic CVT Transmission just gas and go,

    19" tires,

    Front drum/Rear Hydraulic disc brakes,

    A four-stroke engine, no mixing oil w/gas,

    Adjustable Maximum speed between 10 mph to 28 mph with the throttle limiter Control,

    Electric start with working high/low beam headlights and brake light.

    Built-in remote key fob system with remote control kill switch and remote start good for distances of up to 100' away.

    FREE! - Residential Home Delivery ($55 Value)

    FREE! - Shipping Protection Insurance ($59 Value)

    FREE! - Vehicle Inspection/Testing before shipping ($59 Value)

    FREE! - 24 Hour Delivery Notification ($10 Value)

    FREE! - 3 Month Vehicle Warranty ($99 Value)

    FREE! - Lifetime Technical Support

    FREE! - MSO Title and Bill of Sale Paper Work

    Free Gloves & Goggles with Purchase of this Vehicle!

    ABSOLUTELY NO Taxes if purchased outside of Arizona

    ABSOLUTELY NO Hidden Fees, the price you see is the price you pay

    Motobuys is proud to announce our new READY TO RIDE OPTION! Let the pro's assemble your new ATV, it will arrive to your door built right, run tested and ready to ride. The only thing you do is 1. Hook up the battery, 2. Put gas in it and go riding!

    Ready to Ride Option Includes The Following:

    1. Check Starter Switch

    2. Check Kill Switch

    3. Check all lights including Head Lights, Low & High Beams, Rear Tail Lights and Brake Lights

    4. Check Rear Safety Wrist Strap Kill Switch*
    *Not on all Models

    5. Mount Tires & Wheels and Check Tire Pressure

    6. Check (Engine Oil, Transmission Oil, Brake System Fluid,)

    7. Adjust Carburetor for proper idle and run speed

    8. Check Transmission, Chain Drive, Brakes and Electrical Connections

    9. Check Battery and Check the Charging System

    10. Check all Remote Control Features including Engine Kill and Alarm

    11. Once completed we Custom Package and Ship your ATV Ready to Ride!

    12. Just choose the Fully Assembled Option at Checkout and your unit Ships Fully Assembled, Ready to Ride

    Or You Can Choose the Assemble Yourself Option (FREE). Some Assembly and Adjustments are Required: Use Lock Tight when assembling your ATV.

    Multi-Unit Discounts = Buy 2 Save $75 / Buy 3 Save $150 / Buy 4 Save $225!!

    Simply Enter One of the Coupon Codes Shown Below At Checkout!

    Use Coupon Codes = buy2save75 - buy3save150 - buy4save225

    Before You Ride

    The ATV Safety Institute's Golden Rules:

    Always wear a DOT-compliant helmet, goggles, long sleeves, long pants, over-the-ankle boots, and gloves.

    Never ride on paved roads except to cross when done safely and permitted by law - another vehicle could hit you. ATVs are designed to be operated off-highway.

    Never ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

    Never carry a passenger on a single-rider ATV, and no more than one passenger on an ATV specifically designed for two people.

    Recommended for riders 6 years of age and older.

    Riders younger than 16 years of age must be supervised by an adult. We recommends that all ATV riders take a training course and read their owner's manual thoroughly.

    Ride only on designated trails and at a safe speed.

    Take a hands-on ATV Rider Course

    SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. (Mainly putting on the wheel, setting handlebars, connecting the battery, and changing the oil before you ride)