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    Apollo/Orion RX 37 125cc Manual Trans, 14 inch Front Tire, 32 inch seat height , dual disk brakes

    - 4-Speed Transmission - IN STOCK NOW CONTAINER LOAD PRICING
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     Apollo/Orion RX 37 125cc Manual Trans, 14 inch Front Tire, 32 inch seat height , dual disk brakes
    Apollo/Orion RX 125Cc Pit / Dirt Motorcycle. 4 Speed Dirt Bike is also equipped Upgraded Frame asn inverted forks:

    Adjustable Rear Shock: APOLLO 125cc 4 Speed Dirt Bike comes with an upgraded adjustable rear shock.

    CDI Ignition System: APOLLO 4 Speed Dirt Bike is also equipped with a CDI ignition system.

    Orion Decal: Features original decals that are professionally designed to give it a professional look.

    Upgraded Alloy Rims: Lightweight ALLOY RIMS gives this dirt/pit bike perfect maneuverability.

    Upgraded Alloy Handle Bar, Cross Bar, & Triple Tree: All bars on this kid's dirt bike have also been upgraded to aluminum alloy for a stronger and more lightweight dirt bike.

    Upgraded Alloy Exhaust & Brake Lever Tip: Upgraded with an alloy exhaust and brake lever tip.

    Heavy Duty Chain and Sprocket: Equipped with a heavy-duty chain and sprocket. This heavy-duty chain and performance sprocket work together for the highest durability in this pit bike.

    SWINGARM - The Rugged swingarm has been developed for a minimum weight with optimum stiffness and precisely defined flexibility. Apollo engineers have revised the swingarm for higher functional reliability, while simultaneously reducing the weight.

    TRIPLE CLAMPS - High quality, CNC-machined triple clamps have long been standard equipment from Apollo/Orion. They provide precise handling and provide responsiveness of the telescopic fork.

    FRAME - The frame design of the Apollo models, comprising lightweight, high strength, steel section tubes, combines maximum stiffness for optimum performance. All combine for easy handling and precise steering, as well as excellent ride stability.

    SUSPENSION/DAMPING - Both the rear shock absorber and the front fork system provide ultimate damping and responsiveness. Thanks to optimized tuning, the telescopic fork excels limits bottoming out. Naturally, rebound and compression damping can be adapted individually to the track and rider in no time at all while high and low-speed compression damping can also be adjusted on the rear shock absorber.

    WHEELS - The wheels feature CNC-machined hubs, high-end rims, and coated spokes with lightweight aluminum, allowing the highest levels of stability to be achieved while keeping weight to a minimum. The fitted MX Mid Soft tires excel with perfect traction and outstanding performance.

    BRAKES High-tech brakes have always been standard equipment on Apollo offroad bikes and, together with the lightweight front & rear hydraulic disc brakes, they are tops in brake technology.

    ENGINE -The engine on the Apollo/Orion 125CC is a 4-Stroke Single-cylinder Air-cooled engine that has been improved with a redesigned performance Carb and now boasts even better responsiveness. The carburetor setting has been adjusted and the piston pattern optimized for greater durability.

    HANDLEBAR - All Apollo models are equipped with extremely sturdy, tapered handlebars that is designed to meet the demands of Trail and motocross. In accordance with the proven KTM standard, the handlebar can be fixed in a choice of four positions.

    SEAT - The ergonomically designed seat is equipped with an improved foam core for this model, ensuring both greater comfort and higher stability.

    Transmission: 4-Speed 1-down, 3-up, 4-speed manual transmission.

    125cc 4-Stroke Engine: 9 horsepower and has a 40 MPH+ speed capability.

    High-Quality Inverted Front Forks:

    14" Front and 12" Rear Tires:

    Dual Hydraulic Disc Brakes: For the ultimate in stopping power.

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    Orion understands the importance of proper frame geometry, precision tolerances and use of metals that provide the highest quality and materials that provide you the best performance.

    Orion takes pride in the fit and finish of every Apollo product and always makes sure that function comes first. Fabrication of Apollo bikes and the parts is the # 1 priority of our business and to this day our passion lies in the thrill of riding.

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