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    Apollo Extreme Series 250 Deluxe STREET LEGAL Dual Sport Bike -

    - 5-Speed - Larger Wheels, Upgraded Frame Design!
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    Apollo Enduro 250 Dual Sport Bike -NOW CALIF LEGAL!!

    Meet the new Apollo 250 Enduro, street legal, an agile motocross motorcycle aimed at dirt-riding lovers. One of the main goals of Apollo's engineers before designing this model was to make it as light as possible. Therefore there is no wonder why the end result is so impressive, as the motorcycle's weight is rated at only 257 lb. To achieve this low weight Apollo fitted the 250cc with a lightweight frame and swingarm which also provides an important role in keeping the bikes handling performances at a high level.


    Adjustable Rear Shock: Full-Size Enduro, dual-sport comes with an upgraded adjustable rear shock.

    CDI Ignition System: Equipped with a CDI ignition system.

    Apollo Graphics: Features original decals that are professionally designed.

    Alloy Rims: Upgraded alloy rims which take a lot of weight off the dirt bike and make it perfect for maneuverability.

    Upgraded Alloy Handle Bar, Cross Bar, & Triple Tree: Upgraded Alloy Exhaust &Brake Lever Tip:

    Upgraded with an alloy exhaust and brake lever tip. T Heavy Duty Chain and Sprocket: Equipped with a heavy-duty chain and sprocket. Manual 5 Speed Trans: Dirt Bike is equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission that keeps the rider in complete control of this dirt bike. 250cc Engine: 250cc 4-stroke engine that pushes out 15.65 horsepower and has a 55 MPH+ speed capability. High-Quality Inverted Front Forks: Tire Size: 17"" Front and 17"" Rear Tires Hydraulic Disc Brakes: Dual hydraulic disc brakes on both the front and the rear for the ultimate stopping power.

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    Motobuys is proud to announce our new FULLY ASSEMBLED - READY TO RIDE OPTION! Let the pro's assemble your new Dirt Bike, it will arrive to your door built right, run tested and ready to ride. The only thing you do is 1. Hook up the battery, 2. Put gas in it and go riding! Orion understands the importance of proper frame geometry, precision tolerances and use of metals that provide the highest quality and materials that provide you the best performance. Orion takes pride in the fit and finish of every Apollo product and always makes sure that function comes first. Fabrication of Apollo bikes and the parts is the # 1 priority of our business and to this day our passion lies in the thrill of riding. Orion's goal is to continue to build great products that maintain that same kind of fun factor. We are excited about our new products and hope they add some passion to your bike. Whether its winning a national event or just riding with your buddies, Apollo has you covered. For all those who love to ride as much as we do.